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Christmas Fair Raffle

The PTA raffle was drawn this morning by the children in the school council. The school councillors are Ivet, Katie, Frankie, Adewale, Courtney, Aimee, Charlie, Grace, Matthew, Viktorija, Olivia, Daisy, Georgina and Mia.


The following prizes were won:

Photo Frame set - Markuss in Penguins

Lavender Diffuser - Charlie in Starfish

Make-up set - Zoe in Eagles

manicure & Pedicure gift set - Scarlet in Terrapins

Men's Hamper - Adam in Terrapins

Family Hamper - Morgan in Giraffes

Girly Hamper - Mrs Best in Spiders

Girly Hamper or mum/nan - Anastasia in Eagles

Box of Lietuva chocolates - Markuss in Penguins

Keyring - Adewale in Hawks

Necklace - Emily in Butterflies

Candle Holder - Marcel in Penguins

£40 ASDA voucher - Adam in Terrapins

£20 Nandos Voucher - Ellie in Starfish

£20 Cinema Voucher - Lily-Rose in Lions

£20 Pizza Hut voucher - Anatoli in Hawks

Disco Diva gift set - Tayla-Louise in Falcons

Box of Laima Chocolates - Layla in Butterflies

M&S necklace - Joshua in Elephants


After drawing the raffle the school councillors told us how they felt about being chosen to pick the winning raffle tickets:

"I felt trustworthy when I was asked to pull the raffle tickets".

"I felt glad to pull the raffle as a school councillor and glad for the children who won a prize".

"I feel happy because I like giving gifts and toys"


Well done to all of our winners!