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Late/Absence Procedures


Opening Times



The doors are open for the children to go to their classrooms at 8.45 am. The doors for Key Stage 2 close at 8.55 am, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 doors close at 9.00 am. The children should be in their class by this time.


Late Arrivals



The doors will close at 8.55 am and 9.00 am sharp! Anyone who is not in class by this time is late! Parents need to take all pupils arriving after this time to the school office where you will be expected to sign the late book, stating the reason for being late. This will be recorded as late on the register.  The late book is monitored by our Attendance Advisory Practioner on a regular basis, as it is crucial that children arrive in school promptly at the start of the day.





It is your responsibility to contact the school on 01634 843084 (Option 1) whenever your child is absent, stating the reason for your child's absence. You should inform the school of your child's absence on each day thereafter. This should be followed up with a letter when your child returns to school.

It is the school's policy to follow up any unexplained absence and we will contact you, twice, if any occur. Failure to recieve an explanation will result in an unauthorised absence being recorded for your child.



The School will:

  • give attendance and punctuality a high priority;
  • provide and promote a welcoming and positive atmosphere so that children feel safe, and know that their presence is valued;
  • raise awareness of the importance of full attendance and punctuality, using newsletters and other communications to parents;
  • encourage the children to have a positive attitude towards attendance and punctuality so that they can retain this into adult life;
  • ensure that attendance is effectively monitored, using a computer based registration system, and absences are followed up promptly;
  • communicate effectively with other agencies (Traveller Education, Health, Social Services etc);
  • meet the legal requirements with particular reference to authorised and unauthorised absence;
  • ensure that all staff comply with the school policy and deal consistently with absence and punctuality;
  • ensure information is available for Governors and parents;
  • ensure good liason where a change of schools occurs;
  • develop incentives for good attendance and punctuality;
  • share good practice with other schools;
  • have procedures in place to help children settle in after a long absence;