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Book Club at New Road Primary

Term 1 was an experiment in the setting up of 'Book clubs' at New Road School, led by Mrs J Tarr.


Years 3,4,5 & 6 were offered one day a week (M/T/W/Th) to meet, during their lunchtimes, in the Sunshine Room and share activities/talk about books, stories and reading.


They made lists of things they wanted to do:

  • Read together and talk about the books they liked.
  • Sit quietly in a corner and read.
  • Talk about characters/ settings of books and recommend good books to others.
  • Help others if they seem 'stuck'  on words or meanings.
  • Swap books
  • Tell jokes from books
  • Do puzzles and play games linked to books and reading.
  • Research authors to create fact files.
  • Based on the books they have read, write some books of their own.
  • Learn facts from no-fiction books and display them in posters.
  • Create posters to encourage everyone to read books more.
  • Make books and other things associated with them (especially bookmarks!)


One child thought it might be fun to go to book club but was then put off by the idea that she would be made to read in front of everyone else.....NEVER! Books clubs have been set up so children have opportunities to extend ideas, friendship groups and relax with a good book or a good chat.


During Term 1, most children who attended made their own bookmark and these have been lovingly taken away as the children realised they were absolutely ORIGINAL!


They also had competitions to see who could find the most words in a word search about Roald Dahl.


From Term 2, there will only be 2 book clubs a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  All children, whichever year group they are in, will be able to attend.


Ideas for Term 2:


Write our own version of a Julia Donaldson book.  Create inspirational posters about books and reading to display around the school, encouraging others to read and enjoy falling into a book.  Make our own wordsearches/puzzles.