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Looking for a place for your child in reception?

Looking for a place for your child in reception?


Why come along to our reception open mornings on:


Thursday 31st October 2019

Thursday 7th November 2019


The open mornings start at 9am, please come to reception where you will greeted by Mrs Kyle and her team.


We look forward to welcoming you. 



Apply for a place

Open date for applications: 9am, Monday 9 September 2019
Closing date for applications: 5pm, Wednesday 15 January 2020

When applying

When applying, remember that:

  • you must live in Medway to apply through Medway Council. If you live outside of Medway, you need to apply through your local authority
  • you can name Medway schools and non-Medway schools on your application
  • you can apply for up to six different schools in order of preference (not including private, independent or special schools)
  • you do not need to name six schools, but naming only one school does not give you a better chance of being offered a place there
  • you do not need to name a school multiple times. It will only be considered as one of your preferences
  • you must use the child's main address
  • if your child attends a nursery or pre-school attached to a school it does not give them higher priority for a place
  • if your child has a sibling at the school it does not guarantee them a place, you still have to apply
  • if applying for more than one child (such as twins) you must complete a separate application for each child. They will not count as a sibling link for school places
  • you must apply even if you have added your child’s name to a school’s expression of interest list
  • your personal childcare arrangements can't be taken into account