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Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher - Mrs Forrest

Assistant Head Teachers - Mrs Cooper & Mr Riley

Head of EYFS - Mrs Kyle

Head of Key Stage 1 - Mrs Cooper

Head of Key Stage 2 - Mrs James


Class Teachers

Nursery - Miss Fernandes

Butterflies - Mrs Benjamin

Spiders - Mrs Kyle

Elephants - Mrs Sapsed

Giraffes - Miss Walkiden

Lions - Mrs Cooper

Terrapins - Miss Bowden & Mrs Wilson

Starfish - Mrs Shillito

Penguins - Mrs Mikolajezyk

Falcons - Ms McDermott

Hawks - Miss Dengate

Eagles - Mrs James


Family Liaison Officer - Mrs Willson


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Capper

Mrs Walkiden

Miss Hussey

Miss Algar

Mrs Best

Miss Walters

Mrs Mohabir

Mrs McKenzie-Cook

Mrs Barber

Mrs Rossiter

Mrs Haines

Mrs Pirie

Miss Brooks

Mrs Tarr

Mrs Panesar

Mrs Oliver

Mrs Day

Mrs Cherill

Mr Roome

Mrs Eales

Mrs Nash

Mrs Austen

Mrs Sellings

Mrs Kay

Miss Byng


Office Staff

Business Manager - Mrs Crompton

Attendance Officer - Ms Cheverell

Communications Administrator - Mrs Marsh

ICT Manager - Colin Huxted


Lunchtime supervisors

Maria Lacy

Lucky Bhakar



Colin Axford