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There are 11 people (including the Head) on our Governing Body. We are all volunteers who give our time to help the Head and staff achieve the best possible outcomes for all our pupils. We meet regularly and we all visit the School and take an interest in particular aspects of the School’s work.


Governors do not manage the School day-to day – that is the Headteacher’s job. We do set the overall strategy and direction for the School. We set performance targets for the School and we hold the Headteacher to account for delivering that performance. We also set the School’s budget and make sure the money is being spent wisely.


Governors include representatives elected by parents and a representative elected by the staff. Medway Council also appoints 1 Governor and others are appointed because they have a particular skill or knowledge that will be useful. The Headteacher is also a member of the Governing Body.


The governors are:-


If you would like to contact a Governor please contact The Clerk to The Governors, Carrie Bailey, c/o the school: but please raise any concerns about your child with the class teacher or Head initially.