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Story time

Story Time

Click on the link below to see a story read by a member of staff. Enjoy!

Week 1

Farmer Duck - YouTube - Read by Mrs Sapsed

Oi Frog - YouTube- Read by Miss Walkiden

The Gruffalo - YouTube - Read by Mrs Haines.

The smartest Giant in town - YouTube - Read by Miss Hussey

How Many Legs - YouTube -Read by Miss Bowden

Week 2

Dogger - YouTube - Read by Mrs Cooper. 

Superworm - YouTube -Read by Mrs Holt.

Class 2 at the Zoo - YouTube - Read by Miss Brunt. 

Mr Big - YouTube - Read by Mrs Pirie. 

Monkey Puzzle - YouTube - Read by Miss Algar.

Week 3

Owl Babies - YouTube- Read by Mrs Sapsed.

That's not a hippopotamus - YouTube -Read by Miss Walkiden. 

The Gruffalos Child - YouTube- Read by Mrs Haines.  

The crocodile who didn't like water - YouTube - Read by Miss Hussey.

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals - YouTube- Read by Miss Bowden. 

Week 4

When the sky was too low - YouTube- read by Mrs Cooper

Hairy Maclary - YouTube - read by Mrs Holt.

Superkid - YouTube - read by Miss Heath.

Open Very carefully - YouTube - read by Miss Brunt.

Mr Wrinkles - YouTube- read by Miss Algar.

Week 5

The Smeds and the Smoos - YouTube - read by Mrs Sapsed

Winnie and Wilbur At Chinese New Year - YouTube - read by Miss Walkiden

The very lazy ladybird - YouTube - read by Mrs Haines

Faithful Little Seal - YouTube - read by Miss Hussey

The Dinosaur who pooped a planet - YouTube - read by Miss Bowden