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WK 6 WB 7/2/2022

WK 5 WB 31/01/2022

WK 4 WB 24/1/2022

WK3  WB 17/01/2022


This week started with spellings. Everybody advanced a level......very well done Thrive.


We completed a fact file on giraffes,finding out where they live, what they eat and how tall they can grow.


Did you know there are four species of Giraffe!


We looked at the mountain range called the Andes, where they are and how long they are. We looked at how people grow crops and the different climate zones it covers, from glaciers in the south to rainforest in the north.


Wednesday we looked at Matisse and attempted to recreate his style of art.


Math on Wednesday was continuing with division and distance.


We looked at elephants and where they live, at what they eat and how long they can live for.


How many types of elephant do you think there are?


Thursday we looked at Cheetahs, the fastest land animal. We looked at their food and their social integration with other cheetahs.


Friday was Hippopotamus day, again we learned some fun facts and how large they are compared to other animals we have looked at this week.


The rest of our day was spent adding parts to our animal fact books and finishing any challenges we needed to complete.



WK 2 WB 10/1/2022

WK 1  WB 3/1/2022


Welcome back and Happy New Year.


This week we have concentrated on the artist Vincent van Gogh. We have looked at his pictures and attempted to recreate the painting titled Starry Night.

To extend our own learning and computer skills we had to research his life and complete a fact file.


We will be looking at a selection of artists this term.


In geography we will be exploring different countries.


Spellings and reading books will be sent home for the children to practice.