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English as an Additional Language Support

Mrs King is our English as an Additional Language Mentor.


Hello I am a HLTA with 21 years’ experience in different school settings.

I am beginning my 6th year at New Road School as the EAL mentor.


What does EAL mean?

EAL stands for English as an Additional Language, this is a term used for any bilingual or multilingual child.


My role in school is:

I guide and support pupils who speak one or more other languages at home, to learn the English language  so that they can integrate happily into our school.

This enables pupils to become  proficient and independent users of English by the time they leave New Road Primary School.

I also enjoy developing the links between home and school.

I assess, monitor and record EAL pupil progression and liaise closely  with school staff.


Support is delivered to:

  • New arrivals with little or no previous educational experience.
  • Pupils who are acquiring English with limited exposure to formal education in their first language.
  • More advanced bilingual learners including pupils with a number of years’ exposure to English who may require support in areas of reading and comprehension.
  • Pupils who arrive from overseas with good educational backgrounds but who have varying levels of proficiency in English, and who need to catch-up quickly.


Support and development of language is delivered through individual or group sessions, depending on the pupil’s level of English.

I design and develop visual prompts to support pupils learning

I provide guided tours of the school, clarifying the English education system and how everything works in everyday school life.

I can support with translation of documents and I run a Young Interpreters Scheme.

I also run English classes for parents of EAL children.


I love meeting and working with children and families from all over the world.