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During Roman times, curse tablets would be created by the victims of crime who hadn't been able to get justice. They would name the criminal and list their crime and then ask a particular god or goddess to take revenge on their behalf. 


We started learning the basics of orienteering by putting the locations of pictures that we had to find onto a map of the playground. 

Science - Using food to represent the components of blood

PE - Creating our own obstacle courses

Week beginning 8th March.


This week we are celebrating the fact that we are all back together in class once again. 

It is really important to take time and care to consider everyone's well-being at the moment so on Monday and Tuesday we focused on the story 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers. 

This is a beautiful picture book which teaches us about the importance of building a future and building bridges, not walls. 

As part of our thinking we looked at the poem 'The Hill We Climb' by Amanda Gorman which she read at the inauguration of Joe Biden in January 2021. Take a look below at some examples of our beautiful work when we were tasked with writing an additional verse for the poem. The children thought about key issues and powerful vocabulary which would emote and inspire. 


Crime and Punishment Theme day

Week beginning 15th March.

This week we have been really busy yet again! We have started a fantastic new book in English called 'High Rise Mystery' where the young super sleuths, Nik and Norva, are working hard to solve a crime on their estate. 


We continued our topic theme of 'Crime and Punishment' and thoroughly enjoyed doing some drama to explore the idea of various crimes throughout history. Some of use acted out a Roman scene, some a Medieval scene and some of us played the parts of a Victorian scene. Have a look at our photos below.


Science has seen us exploring blood and its composition. This sounded a bit gory to start with but was actually really interesting and we even got to use Cheerios to make our own simulation of blood! 


We are continuing our quest to be active as we work to create obstacle courses in our Outdoor Adventurous activities - we're having great fun!