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WK7  WB13/12/2021


Monday started by making Christmas models and completing a code breaking sheet to help Santa work out who hid the wrapping paper.


On Tuesday we started to think about   creating and designing our own city. For this we made our own flag design, landmarks, shops and everything else to make a thriving community. All the ideas came from our imaginations.....can you see how we progressed with this?


Wednesday we carried on with our own cities. We also played some Christmas gameslike pin the nose on the reindeer and drawing a snowman on a plate on our heads so we couldnt see the picture until we had finished, and another game was seeing how many table tennis balls we could bounce into a pot, the winners won a prize and a sticker, second and third won a sticker.


Thursday was Panto day (oh no it was'nt) some of us went to the Central Theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast starring some famous people from television. This took most of the day so when we arrived back at school we had lunch then went to ICT to practice our computer skills in our own way.


Friday we watched Christmas films and made Christmas cards, we spent a lot of the day socializing with our friends then we sadly said good bye to our friends for the holidays and wished them all a Happy New Year


So from us all in Thrive we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year, Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year

WK6  WB 6/12/2021


Our world travel continued as we took a day trip to Germany. We learned how to say hello and good morning in German. We found out that 3.5 million people live in Berlin, which is Germany's largest city

 Do you know which year the Berlin wall was pulled down?

 We drew pictures of The Berlin Cathedral

 We tried a German biscuit called Lebkuchen, not many of us liked them.


On Tuesday we took a whistle stop in New Delhi in India. We looked at the Taj Mahal and why it was built. We tried samosa after cooking them. We discovered that Mahatma Gandhi was a very important world leader and that India uses the Rupee as money.

 A challenge today was to build the Taj Mahal using any construction method the class wanted.

 Can you spot the buildings in our pictures?


Wednesday was a quick trip out to Australia where we learned that the Australian Alps get more snow than the Swiss Alps....that fact stunned us too! We looked at what the Australians eat and how they celebrate Christmas.

 We drew koalas and kangaroos in art.


Thursday was the USA, starting in New York, we had a virtual tour of The Statue of Liberty and discovered why it was a bluey green colour. We found out the Statue was a gift from France.

 We made clay models of the Statue of Liberty, can you see them in the picture section?


We had a lot of math and reading assessments this week too.


For Friday we stayed in the USA, Washington DC. But before we landed in DC we stopped at a Christmas workshop to make some decorations.

After our quick stop we carried on with a wordsearch then a "Name the State" map of the USA.

WK5  WB 29/11/2021

This week we are on a virtual tour of the world.


Monday we started in Paris, we discovered there are 68 million people in France. The french flag has three colours, they like to eat snails, called escargots, cooked in garlic butter. France is bordered by eight countries.

 We attempted to build the Eiffel Tower out of blocks, lego or magnetic bars.


Maths started with negative numbers, and where they sit on a number line.


We cooked Pain au Chocolat and Croissants, very yummy and warm on a cold day.


Tuesday we traveled to South Africa in particular Johannesburg. We looked at the South African flag, the population of the city and the gold coin called the Krugerrand and who it was named after.

 We made a jigsaw puzzle of Table Mountain as a challenge.


On Wednesday we traveled back to Europe, stopping at Barcelona in Spain. We drew famous Spanish buildings and found out that in Spain they use the Euro. The architecture is very fluid, meaning it is not just box shapes, these are  explored in the style of Gaudi who's buildings include La Sagrada Familia and the Casa Mila`.

 As the week progresses we are colouring in a world map to show the countries we have virtually visited.


Thursday was a trip to Mexico, we tried cooking some tortilla, to eat, with a salsa dip.

 In art we made a picture using pencils and paint of a famous Mexican statue.

  Can you name the statue in Mexico?


Friday saw us return again to Europe. This time we landed in Italy. We made pizza and completed a factfile. We painted a watercolour of the Italian coastline.

F or every country we visited we marked it off in a passport we created.



WK4  WB 22/11/2021


In SPAG we covered conjunctions, what they are and where to use them.


Math was rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.


In art we created pastel pictures, blending the colours messily by hand to show the Great Fire in all its destructive glory.


We wrote a newspaper report about the Great Fire, trying to use adjectives and conjunctions to add a WOW factor to our writing.


Our topic led us to look at the Fire Service from 1666 to present day, we compared equipment and vehicles from then till now.


On Wednesday we dressed as Firefighters, the helmet and jacket were very heavy and the trousers were held up with braces. It took a while to put the clothing on.



A modern Firefighters uniform is a buoyancy aid to help them float!


We went on a virtual tour of modern London, where we had famous landmarks to find on a check list. We had trouble finding the red telephone box.


PE was movement and listening, with a change of instruction half way through the lesson. The class moved around in different ways, hopping, skipping, jumping and running.

WK3  WB 15/11/2021


This weeks learning was centred around The Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys.


In ICT we discovered where the fire started and how quickly it spread, we extended this into a few art lessons where we coloured maps showing how the fire spread and eventually dwindled out. The class researched facts for a timeline from when the fire started in Pudding Lane to when it eased on the outskirts of London.


Did you know Samuel Pepys buried a cheese during the fire?


Math was differentiated to suit the learning levels of the various children in our class, this ranged from fractions to number lines to 10,000 to comparing and sorting numbers into ascending and descending order.


SPAG was recapping all the things we have covered this term and last term.

WK2  WB 8/11/2021


Our week started by learning about Evacuation in World War 2 and where the children could have been evacuated to. We looked at the sort of things the children took with them in their one suitcase and then we made evacuee labels.


In geography we looked at how the world was divided into Allies and Axis powers, we coloured maps to show the division of the countries.


Whilst doing research on the computer we made a fact file about Winston Churchill. The class discovered where he lived and when he was born.


In art, pictures were painted, using a style called pointilism, of Winston Churchill.

A cut out of London and paint was used to create a Blitz scene...very thought provoking!


Continuing the Blitz, the children looked at what damage was done and how this changed the London skyline.


Thursday was Rememberance Day. We read about how the soldiers and civilians are remembered. We looked at poppies too, again using pointilism we made poppy pictures to display.


We finished our World War 2 topic by studying Anne Frank, the class wrote emotive diary entries in the style of Anne Frank, which you are welcome to come in and read, these were very well thought out and beautifully written. The class did research on her life, where she was born, where in Holland her family moved to, and lastly, how most of her family, and Anne herself, sadly did not see the end of the war.


Our focus in SPAG has been antonyms and looking at how opposite words can change the sentence.


PE has been about movement and how to move in different ways to how we normally move.


WK1 WB 1/11/2021


Welcome back to Term 2, what a busy week we have had. We started by learning about World War 1. We wrote a letter home from the point of view of a frontline soldier. We made a care package of things we thought a soldier would like to receive. Trenches were looked at and how uncomfortable they were. Our focus was not war but the domestic impact on life at home. We made ration books to look at how shortages were made fair for everyone.


Diwali was on Thursday and we made Diva lamps out of salt dough and painted them in art. We studied the story and ordered a timeline of events.


In COOL time ( Choose Our Own Learning) we encourage social skills by playing together and accessing independent learning in art, computers and construction.


Geography was applied by looking at WW1 maps and how the world was divided by the war.


We are learning synonyms and have had a lot of fun rewriting sentences.


Maths, as with all our lessons, is differentiated so the whole class can access appropriate levels of learning.


Our topic Friday was Guy Fawkes. We drew firework pictures and did some learning about Guy Fawkes, what his real name was and how many barrels of powder he hid in the cellars, as well as who he was going to blow up. A huge discussion was had about who was having fireworks at home.