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How is it that all children benefit from Thrive?


Thrive is an approach to working with all children. It is based on neurological evidence which addresses brain development so that all children learn to regulate their emotional responses, develop resilience and manage disappointment and frustration.

All children (and adults!) need a little emotional support when things are going wrong. Thrive provides a way of understanding and addressing the emotional and social development of all children. It pays specific attention to children as and when they experience interruptions to that development whenever and for whatever reason they arise.


What kinds of behaviour does it help with?


The Thrive Approach helps children who are, temporarily or more permanently, restless, withdrawn or underachieving as well as those with attachment issues or challenging and disruptive behaviours. Schools that have introduced Thrive report improved attendance, reduced classroom disruption, better educational attainment and fewer exclusions. Parents report significant improvements in their relationship with their children as well as improved behaviour. The children themselves say they feel better understood and they get more out of school.