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Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision

C.O.O.L Time - Challenge Our Own Learning


What is it?

Continuous Provision is a child-centred, child motivated, explorative style of learning and teaching which enables children to access and engage with the curriculum on an individual and independent learning journey, with adults supporting and guiding along the way. At New Road Primary School, we have called this C.O.O.L Time (Challenge Our Own Learning).  Children are given more time to thoroughly explore the learning experiences.


So how does it work?

  • Children are taught knowledge in 'Knowledge sessions' intricately linked to the curriculum objectives of their respective year group.
  • They also take part in skills teaching sessions intricately linked to the curriculum.
  • Maths is taught as a whole class and practised during C.O.O.L Time sessions.
  • English is taught throughout the day allowing children to see that writing is important for the whole curriculum.
  • Some learning occurs in small groups. The benefits of the small groups are that the children receive quality teaching tailored to the individual child.
  • Resources and activities are planned carefully to deliver a rich topic-based curriculum which is always available for the children to explore and enhance their learning.
  • Our classrooms have been organised to provide small learning spaces and comfy corners so that children can quietly and peacefully ponder, explore and share what they are learning. 


How do the adults in school help?

Adults support, scaffold and extend children’s learning by providing constant opportunities to revise, revisit, share, explain, talk about and explore.  It is important for children to be given these opportunities so that they can become increasingly independent and develop skills for life-long learning.


How can parents and carers help?

Parents and carers can help by asking the children what they did in C.O.O.L Time today.  Asking questions such as, ‘What did you explore/practise/research/share?’ will help the children to talk about their learning and reflect on their day at school and expand on any newly learned concepts.