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Welcome to Eagles class page, where you will find useful links, resources and information to support your home learning. If you need any support or have any questions you can email me. The email address is 

Suggested Timetable

Below is a suggested timetable of activities for Year 6. This is just to give you an idea of how you might plan your day. You might also wish to focus on your timetables, spelling and arithmetic as part of your English and Maths sessions. 

Oliver Twist 
We have been using the Oak Academy Lessons on Oliver Twist. These include short videos and tasks linked to the famous Charles Dickens novel.


States of Matter

  • To group or sort materials into solids, liquids and gases.

  • To observe that some materials change state when heated or cooled.

  • To understand and use the terms evaporation and condensation.

  • To describe solids, liquids and gases.



This term we will be focusing on: Fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra

We will be looking at the link between fractions, decimals and percentages as well as finding percentages of amounts. We will also be solving problems involving algebra.




Our topic this term is Biomes. We are following the Oak Academy Unit for Biomes but I have also included a link to the BBC Bitesize unit. 

Biomes are areas of our planet with similar climateslandscapesanimals and plants. What lives in each biome depends on:

  • how warm or cold it is

  • how dry or wet it is

  • how fertile the soil is

The animals in a biome depend upon plants for food. The plants in a biome often also depend upon the animals for spreading pollen and seeds so that new plants can grow. So both plants and animals rely on each other to stay alive



We have been looking at different notations including semibreves, crochets and rests. 



Our topic for this term is 'Right and Wrong' as well as including some wellbeing activities.

Spellings Term 3

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