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We started our school year by learning about the area we live in. This included learning about our school and where in the world it is situated. We expanded this knowledge to learn about Thomas Waghorn and the postal service he established, we even wrote letters home to see how long they would take to arrive. We looked at Rochester Castle and Chatham Dockyard, measuring how far they are from our school.


Next we had a look at ourselves, we measured how tall we are and we noted our hair and eye colour. We looked at our families and counted our siblings. We wrote a little about what we like and what we would like to be when we grow up. For art we painted self portraits and drew life size pictures of ourselves and painted them to look realistic.


Our next project was the Norman Conquest, we looked at the people, William, Harold and Harold Hadrada. We studied the Battle of Hastings, learning the date of the battle and the outcome. WE made our version of the Bayeaux Tapestry and displayed it on our wall.


Slightly out of chronological order we had a brief look at the Saxons. Some of the children made Saxon style shirts and pouches. We found out how they lived and the whole class made Saxon shields. The class wrote messages using Saxon Runes.


Our last project was the Vikings. We looked at where they came from and where they settled in Britain. We looked at what they wore and where they lived. We made Viking soup although it was not liked by us all everyone tried it. Shields were made to display and Viking Runes were  studied. Some children remembered the Runes by heart and wrote very long messages for us to decode (they hid the check sheet)