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Science Experiments to do at home


I’d love to see some of your experiments and science based learning. You can send me photos to

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Camouflage Challenge

  • Draw / Print some animal shapes.
  • Colour them in so that they are camouflaged in your house.

Milk Art


  • A bowl
  • ½ cup of milk
  • Dish soap
  • Cotton swab
  • Food Colouring, more than one colour
  • Pepper (optional)

1. Pour the milk into the bowl. Be careful not to move the bowl, you want the milk as still as possible.
2. Put one drop of each colour in different places in the milk.
3. Put just a tiny amount of soap on the end of the cotton swab, then touch it to one of the colours. WOW!
4. Let the experimenting begin!
5. To clean up, just pour the milk down the drain. (Do not drink it)

How it Works:

Milk has fat in it and the food colouring floats on top of the fat. The fat is all connected with bonds. Think of it like the little pieces of fat all holding hands with each other. Dish soaps are used on greasy or oily dishes because it breaks the bonds in fats allowing them to separate. When you add the dish soap to the milk, the fat separates and moves making your magical milk art!


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