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Outstanding learners for this week! 19/10/12

Well done Amelia, Erika and  Ayaan for being outstanding learners.
Well done this weeh Evie, you have been outstanding.

Our incredible learners! 19/10/20

Yakup made a wonderful creation.
Ayaan, excellent shape and pattern recogniton.
Aimee did a lovely repeated pattern.
Jordan,  excellent  comparing of lengths.
Super counting Zara! Well done.
Fabulous counting  Khaliq and number recognition.

Awesome celebrations! 19/10/20

Well done Kenzie, for  helping your friends this week.
Great job Harley for having a fantastic day.
Great  attendance Butterflies, you have made your teachers so proud.

Outstanding learners for this week! 12/10/20

Well done Josephine, Jordan and Charlie for reaching outstanding this week.

Our incredible learners! 12/10/20

Super counting of the superheroes Mason.
Wonderful drawing of the Gingerbread man Josephine.
Fabulous description of a dinosaur Max.
A wonderful creation of the Gingerbread Daisy-Mae.
Super sequencing of the Gingerbread man story Jayden.
A fabulous  marble painting Jaclynne.

Awesome celebrations! 12/10/20

Well done Zara for being a fantastic friend to oythers.
Well done Harley for an excellent day..

Outstanding learners for this week! 5/10/20

Well done Jayden, Ayaan and Daisy-Mae.
Great job  Jordan, Erika and Amelia.
Fantastic work Mason.

Our incredible learners! 5/10/20

Well done Josephine for your fabulous number recognition and counting to 10.
Excellent finger painting Jiayi. Well done.
A wonderful design with a range of different materials. Great job Erika.
Fantastic creation of a map. What a brilliant idea Charlie.
Well done Ayaan for building a house for the pigs to keep them safe from the big bad wolf.
A very colourfiul and creative collage. Well done Reegan -Mae.

Awesome Celebrations! 5/10/20

Well done Max for always showing your love  for  learning.
Well done Aimee  for  always showing concern for your friends.

Outstanding learners for this week! 28/09/20

Great job  Charlie, Khaliq and Jordan for  being outstanding this week!
Well done Erika and   Mia-Rose for getting to outstanding this week!
Fantastic  work this week, Zara , Mason and Yakup. Well done for getting  to outstanding.

Our incredible learners! 28/09/20

Well done  Evie for the  fantastic painting of your bear.
Evie painted a bear using  appropriate colours and adding its features..
What a  lovely  picture Aimee, that was so creative.
Aimee ,painted   a detailed  picture of  'little bear ' from the Goldilocks story.
John  that is  fantastic mark making!. Well done.
John was able to make  meaningful marks  on his speech bubble.
Excellent counting skills Yakup. Well done.
Yakup was able to recognise the numeral 20 and  also count out 20 lolly sticks correctly.
What a very  beautiful painting Amelia. Excellent work.
Amelia  painted a detailed and colourful painting of Goldilocks..
What a fabulous  construction Kenzie!. Well done.
Kenzie   was fully focused as he constructed a bridge and  drove the train under.

Awesome celebrations! 28/09/20

Daisy -Mae,  well done for  making all the right choices and having a fantastic day.
Well done Erika for always being kind and gentle with  all your friends.

Outstanding learners for this week! 21/09/20

Well done Zara ,Jaclynne,  Reegan  and Aimee  for  your outstanding  learning.
Thank you for your  outstanding learning, Josephine.
Super work  this week Harley, well done.
Thank you Kenzie for trying your very best this week.
Khaliq, Jayden and Zara, your learning has been amazing this week. Well done!

Our incredible learners! 21/09/20

Well done Jordan, Evie, Mia-Rose and Jiayi for showing creativity in your learning.
Excellent pencil control Jaclynne, well done.

Awesome Celebrations!

Thank you Ayaan for being such a kind friend.
You have had a fantastic day. Well done Jayden for  always trying  your very  best.