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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs Forrest

Deputy Headteacher/ Head of Key Stage 1 - Mrs Cooper

Assistant Headteacher/ Inclusion Manager - Mr Riley

Head of EYFS - Mrs Kyle

Head of Key Stage 2 - Mrs James


Class Teachers



Nursery - Mrs Nash

Butterflies - Mrs Benjamin

Spiders - Mrs Kyle



Giraffes - Miss Walkiden

Elephants - Mr Anderson

Lions - Miss Bowden and Mrs Cooper



Starfish - Mrs Sapsed

Terrapins -  Ms McDermott

Penguins - Mrs Mikolajezyk & Miss Trotman

Falcons - Mr Mahmood & Mrs Wilson

Hawks - Miss Xynogala

Eagles - Mrs James


Family Liaison Officer - Mrs Cook

EAL Mentor - Mrs King

Speech & Language Specialised TA - Mrs Sellings

EYFS Speech and Language Specialised HLTA - Mrs McKenzie-Cook 


Teaching Assistants


Mrs Mohabir - HLTA for EYFS

Mrs Walkiden - Nursery

Miss Salmon - Nursery

Mrs Mohabir - Spiders

Mrs Sammanagthan - Spiders

Mrs Best - Butterflies

Miss Walters - Butterflies

Mrs Oliver - Butterflies 



Mrs Holt - HLTA for KS1

Mrs Duffield - Giraffes

Miss Brunt - Elephants 

Mrs Pirie - Lions

Miss Hussey - KS1 TA

Mrs Rossiter - KS1 Thrive



Miss Johnstone - HLTA for KS2

Mrs Haines - KS2 Thrive 

Mr Roome - KS2 Thrive 

Mrs Panesar - Starfish

Mrs Eales - Penguins

Mrs Day - Falcons

Mrs Cherrill - Hawks

Mrs Austen - Eagles


Office Staff

Business Manager - Mrs Crompton

Attendance Officer - Miss Cheverell

Communications Administrator - Mrs Hutchinson

ICT Manager - Mr Huxted


Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs Lacy

Mrs Hamouda

Miss Smith


Breakfast Club supervisors

Mrs Lacy

Mrs Bhakar



Mr Axford