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Welcome to our class page where you can find useful links for Home Learning related to our topics this term. If you need any further support with learning or Google Classroom please email 


Mrs James


English - Remote Learning 

Highway Man
We will be looking at the poem the 'Highway Man' and its features. The online lessons will focus on looking at the language, structure and themes of the poem. 


English - High Rise Mystery

Summer in London is hot, the hottest on record, and there's been a murder in THE TRI: the high-rise home to resident know-it-alls, Nik and Norva. Who better to solve the case? Armed with curiosity, home-turf knowledge and unlimited time - until the end of the summer holidays anyway. The first whodunnit in a new mystery series by Sharna Jackson.



  • Factors and Multiples
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Word Problems and Reasoning Challenges.
  • Statistics - Graphs, Data and Analysis of information.


Science - Classification 

We will focus on classification in  getting children to consider how they might classify before beginning to learn about the actual classification system. This then moves on to children working on different classes and creating their own animal based on a particular class.


We will be focusing on the 5 types of enquiry and practical elements when we return to school. This will include identifying and classifying, research, observations, conducting fair tests and explorations. 


RE - Easter

During our online learning sessions, we will be focusing on the Easter story. This will include events leading up to Easter and how Christians celebrate. 


Topic - Crime and Punishment (In School) 

Throughout term 4 we will be learning all about crime and punishment throughout different historical periods. This will allow children to develop questioning, research and discover different civilisations and punishments they conducted. This will also include an exciting theme day.


  • Have punishments for crimes always been the same? 
  • How harsh were the Romans?
  • How were criminals punished 800 years ago, and how do we know?
  • What does the legend of Robin Hood tell us about medieval justice?
  • What became a crime between 1500 and 1750 and how were they punished?
  • Why did punishments become so gruesome in the 18th century?
  • Did pickpockets really deserve to be transported to Australia?
  • Has the way we catch and punish criminals improved that much in the last 100 years?
  • When was the best time to be a criminal?