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Our work is incredible 19.10.2020

Well done Aliah for practicing your name.
Well done Harley for making and counting your houses.
Well done Samira for you amazing spider drawing.

Our work is incredible 12.10.2020

Well done Aliah for correctly matching amounts.
Well done Marsel, you completed the puzzle independently.
Well done Sonny for correctly matching amounts to numerals.
Outstanding learning all week, well done Connie.

Our work is incredible 5.10.2020

Well done Dominic, fantastic concentration to complete the humpy dumty puzzle
Amazing Aron, fantastic pouring and counting.
Well done Samira, your cutting skills are brilliant.

Our work is incredible 28.9.2020

Connie made a fantastic person using playdough
Scarletts amazing painting of a person.
Well done Viktors amazing colour sorting

Our work incredible 21.9.2020