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Lockdown Lookbook

Lockdown Lookbook


Welcome to our 'Lockdown Lookbook' where we will be sharing a selection of work and photos of activities that children have completed during our time in lockdown. The teachers have loved receiving all the pictures and if you'd like to share yours, you can send them to your class email address. 


We have received lots of wonderful photos and work, so we have started to arrange these into folders, so if you don't spot your work on this page, head to the next page by clicking on the star! We are updating these daily so keep your eyes peeled.

Our Photos

Our Photos 1 St Georges Day Craft Year 5
Our Photos 2 Cristians beautiful landscape
Our Photos 3 Daniel's St Georges Day Craft
Our Photos 4 Easter Picture - Year 5
Our Photos 5 Delicious scones made by Liam
Our Photos 6 St Georges Day Craft
Our Photos 7 Mrs King delivers food parcels..
Our Photos 8 ..joined by Mrs Willson
Our Photos 9 Rainbows for Key Workers
Our Photos 10 Amelia's Flag
Our Photos 11 Jo-Jo (Year 1) Heaviest to Lightest Task
Our Photos 12 Kanyin's Penguin Story using speech
Our Photos 13 Abdul (Y5) St George's Day Craft
Our Photos 14 Stacey (Y5) - St George
Our Photos 15 Kanyin's St George's Day Activity
Our Photos 16 Harvey's St George's Activity
Our Photos 17 Layla's (Y2) Scrumptious Cake
Our Photos 18 Kian doing Joe Wicks (Reception)
Our Photos 19 Kian baking (Reception)
Our Photos 20 Willow's Volcano (Lions)
Our Photos 21 Macey's amazing elephant (Lions)
Our Photos 22 Arthur's Car (Reception)
Our Photos 23 Joshua's obstacle course (Y3)
Our Photos 24 Kinga's wonderful sentence (Reception)
Our Photos 25 Macey's yummy cakes (Lions)
Our Photos 26 Cristian's Constellation (Y5)
Our Photos 27 Nina's Maths (Reception)
Our Photos 28 Oliver's Home baking (Lions)