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Week 6: 11/7/2022 Shadows

Week 5: 4/7/2022 - Beaches and Towns

Week 4: 27/7/2022- Picnic Week

Week 3: 20/6/22- History of swimwear

Week 2 - WB 13.06.2022 Coastal animals

Week 2 - WB 13.6.2022 - Author Visit at Chatham Library


This week the children visited the author Ian McDonald at Chatham Library. This was very exciting because it isn’t often that children get to meet the person who wrote the book and ask questions. Ian McDonald read one of his books called ‘Mrs Wrelton’s Dinosaur.’


Other books he has written include ‘Skateboard Gran,’ ‘Eyeball Soup,’ and ‘The Mummy’s Finger.’ 

Week 1 - WB 6.6.2022

Sports Day

Arts Week

Our theme for this week was 'reimagine', so we decided to reimagine our classroom as different places linked to what we have learnt about this year.  We imagined what we would see if our classroom was a rainforest, desert, space or even under the ocean.  We collected all of our ideas and wrote a poem which we learnt and performed in groups. We also made a collage to represent some of the 'reimaginings' of our classroom! We hope you enjoy looking at all of our learning from this week. 


Writing our Poems collaboratively

Performing our poem Verse 1

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Verse 2

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Verse 3

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Verse 4

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Verse 5

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Verse 6

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